Individual Coaching

College Coaching Process

Step 1: Consultation

The consultation is a 45-minute meeting done either virtually or in person. The purpose of the consultation is for the potential client/sponsor to find out more about how ADHD coaching will work. The consultation also gives the client/sponsor the opportunity to see if Michael would work well with them.

Step 2: Intake Session

The Intake session is a 1-2 hour meeting with the client and sponsor(s) in which we explore the client’s strengths and challenges that they face. The goal of the intake session is to begin the process of the client identifying their goals and discover how Michael will support them in achieving their goals through the process of coaching.

Step 3: ADHD Coaching Session and Check-ins

ADHD coaching sessions vary based on the needs of the client and what topics they bring to the table. Coaching sessions are 45 minutes. The first few coaching sessions are typically spent identifying the client’s goals and how they would like to be held accountable. A personal coaching agreement is created using the goals and action steps that the client has identified. The personal coaching agreement is then signed by the client, coach, and sponsor(s) and serves as a foundation for the coaching relationship. The client is able to learn more about themselves and what works for them through having the support of an ADHD coach who knows what they have been through and provides a judgment free space to discuss the challenges they face when trying to accomplish their goals. Additionally, Michael shares tools and resources that he has used to support his clients in overcoming the common challenges that people with ADHD face. 

Client or coach initiated check-ins by call, text, or email are commonly used to support the client in between coaching sessions. Some clients need a high level of support to achieve their goals and providing a check-in increases the likelihood of follow through on the goals the client has committed to.


Schedule a Consultation

Four 45 minute coaching sessions per month with unlimited client-coach initiated check-ins.