Individual Coaching

Family Coaching

What is family coaching?

In family coaching Michael works with families to identify and understand their challenges and implement strategies and structures to resolve them. Michael uses Smart but Scattered Teens by Gaure, Dawson, and Gaure to help each member of the family come to a complete understanding of what ADHD/ADD is and how it affects executive functioning skills. Family coaching consists of four one hour coaching sessions with the teen and up to two one hour coaching sessions with the family per month.

Why family coaching?

Michael created family coaching because he recognized that families play a huge role in the progress that teens make within ADHD coaching. Michael also saw how much conflict and argumentation occurred in his own family around dealing with the challenges of ADHD and wanted to figure out how he could resolve those recurring arguments and big blow-ups. He has found that when parents take the time to assess their own executive functioning skills, how they developed, and how they have created strategies to work around executive functioning skills weaknesses, they can empathize with their child and meet them where they are. Another primary component of family coaching is education about ADHD. Michael takes the time to teach everyone about ADHD and its impacts. The ultimate goal for family coaching is to help the parents successfully support their child without resorting to shaming and blaming them for their ADHD.

Plans & Pricing

Family Coaching Plan: 4 1-hour coaching sessions with the teen and up to 2 1-hour family coaching sessions per month.