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Transform ADHD Challenges into Your Medical Professional Strengths

Personalized ADHD Coaching for Healthcare Professionals.

three women in healthcare talking to a person across a table

Balance Your Work

and Personal Life

Streamline Your Planning

and Execution

Establish Your

Healthy Routines

Prevent Burnout, Preserve Excellence in Patient Care

Elevate Your Medical Career with Confidence and Strength

  • Expert Guidance: Receive insights from a coach skilled in navigating ADHD and medical industry challenges, offering relevant and transformative advice.

  • Customized Coaching: A coaching plan tailored to your unique needs, guiding you on a personalized path to success.

  • Strategic Mastery: Learn effective techniques to manage your medical practice with confidence and skill.

  • Holistic Approach: Cultivate professional and personal growth, enriching your mindfulness and well-being.

Michael Carlini certified ADHD coach and owner of Carlini Coaching
ICF associate certified coach badge
JST Coaching training graduate badge

Take Your Medical Career To The Next Level with Carlini Coaching

Facing the demands of the medical field with ADHD can be overwhelming. At Carlini Coaching, we understand the complexities you face – balancing patient care with administrative duties, all while managing ADHD.

You're here not just for coping strategies but to excel in your career and life. Despite the challenges, it's possible to transform them into your strengths.

I'm Michael. Having ADHD and a deep connection to the medical field through my spouse, I've experienced these challenges firsthand. This led me to establish Carlini Coaching in 2018. As a certified ADHD coach with extensive certifications, I offer practical, informed guidance.

Join me for a 35-minute consultation where we'll identify your goals and develop a personalized coaching plan.


Ready to make a difference in your career?

Personalized ADHD Coaching

Focused Support for Your Unique Needs

Monthly 1:1 ADHD Coaching

  • Weekly Coaching: Experience weekly 1:1 coaching in four 45-minute monthly sessions.

  • Daily Co-working: Join peers in daily 90-minute Zoom co-working sessions every weekday. 

  • Regular Email Check-ins: Stay connected and on track with frequent email support.

Your Path to Success


Book Your


We’ll clarify the process in a 35-minute session and how to fit your needs.


Tailor Your


Co-create a customized plan that

focuses on your top goals.


Achieve Your Dream

Career and Life

Create ADHD-friendly

structures and boundaries.

Female doctor holding an ipad

"Michael transformed my ADHD challenges into strengths, significantly improving my time management and task completion as a physician. His guidance has been invaluable."

- Dr. B

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