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Headshot of Michael Carlini

The people I work with:

I work with all adults ready for transformational growth with their ADHD! My specialized niches are:

  • Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.

  • Leaders and executives.

  • Entrepreneurs and sole proprietors.

A diverse group of people

Clients work with me to:

  • Generate new awareness and understanding of their ADHD.

  • Develop the tools that will help them grow beyond the context of coaching. 

  • Learn how to initiate important tasks without relying on the urgency and adrenaline of an externally imposed deadline 

  • Reach outcomes that they have not been able to reach on their own.

  • Create awareness around what they want to achieve, both personally and professionally, and how they'll get there.

  • Establish an effective accountability partnership with me that actually supports them as they follow through on their action plans.

  • Discover and create action plans that draw on your strengths.

  • Connect with a supportive and diverse ADHD community.

Let's find your keys to success!

Schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation to see if coaching is right for your needs.


Michael is an effective and empathetic coach, especially so because he has ADHD himself. He understands that reaching your goals despite ADHD means crafting personal routines and strategies that are unique to you, take time to figure out, and don't lock into place overnight. As his client, he helps you develop these, talks you through obstacles, then follows up, texts to check in, and offers support and feedback when things don't go as planned. Working with him has helped me approach ADHD as a set of challenges I can overcome and not a source of shame and frustration.

— Ian, Professor and Artist

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