Helping people find the confidence and composure that comes from understanding and managing their ADHD

Benefits of ADHD Coaching

Become more educated about ADHD/ADD and how it affects you.


Build habits and routines more successfully with the support of client-coach-initiated check-ins via text, email, or phone call.


Reduce the stress and conflict of your relationships by allowing others to no longer feel the need to constantly monitor you to get your work done and keeping your commitments.


Discover and create the right strategies to help you better manage your life.

Normalize the experience of having ADHD.

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Is Coaching Right For You?

This is a free consultation meeting to find out if coaching is right for you or your child. Michael can meet with you in person or on a video call. The purpose of the meeting is for you, the client, to get to know more about ADHD coaching and how it will work for you.


Michael is an effective and empathetic coach, especially so because he has ADHD himself. He understands that reaching your goals despite ADHD means crafting personal routines and strategies that are unique to you, take time to figure out, and don't lock into place overnight. As his client, he helps you develop these, talks you through obstacles, then follows up, texts to check in, and offers support and feedback when things don't go as planned. Working with him has helped me approach ADHD as a set of challenges I can overcome and not a source of shame and frustration.

— Ian, Freelance Coder and Artist