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Individual Coaching

Personalized ADHD Life Coaching for Adults

The ADHD Life Coaching Process

Step 1: Consultation

The consultation is a 35-minute meeting via Zoom. During the consultation, you and I will discuss what brings you to ADHD life coaching and how my coaching process works.

Step 2: Intake Session

In the intake, you and I will explore your strengths and values and co-create two primary goals that we will use to guide our coaching relationship. We also go over the expectations for coaching and how the coaching process works. As we go over this, I will invite you to collaborate on how we design our partnership.

Step 3: ADHD Life Coaching Sessions

ADHD life coaching is an action-oriented process. Coaching sessions are 45 minutes. The first few coaching sessions are typically spent clarifying your goals and designing actions that will get you there. During the coaching relationship, I will encourage you to learn more about ADHD and executive functioning, as this new learning will create a new understanding for yourself. The new awareness and understanding gained from your learning and our coaching sessions will allow you to design more successful action plans that will bring you closer to your goals. As we go through this journey, I encourage you to connect with my other clients using the Discord server. I also encourage all of my clients to join one of the daily co-working times (10:30am-12:00pm ET)


Schedule a Consultation

Four 45-minute coaching sessions per month with unlimited client-coach initiated check-ins.

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