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Meet Michael Carlini, ACC




Since my diagnosis at a young age, I’ve navigated the complexities of the ADHD mind with varying kinds of support. My parents were familiar with ADHD in the family, but an early diagnosis didn’t mean a complete understanding of ADHD. I struggled through several school transfers, until college truly challenged me. After trial and error, and failure after failure, I connected with an ADHD coach who truly transformed how I understand myself. It was that liberating experience that set me on the path I’m on today.


After college, I taught biology, and coached lacrosse. I worked closely with ADHD students who struggled balancing their busy schedules and accomplishing their goals on time. Connecting with their struggles through sharing my own journey helped normalize their difficulties. With my support, these students thrived in ways other teachers didn’t think possible. It was here when I realized ADHD coaching would make the impact I wanted from teaching— I left education to pursue an ADHD coach certification.


Now I’m a personal coach specializing in college students and professionals with ADHD or difficulties with executive functioning. I am an ICF Associate Certified Coach with over 4,000 hours of ADHD specific coaching experience trained at JST Coaching and Training, accredited by the International Coaching Federation.


My goal is to partner with clients to support them in finding out who they are, who they want to be, and how to accomplish those goals. My job is not be a therapist, handing you one-size-fits-all advice and tools; it’s about figuring out together what works best for YOU.




I’ve been in my clients’ shoes. I know how transformational coaching can be, and I want to do that for others. I also strongly believe in the power of community connection. As a coach, I want to be as supportive, inclusive and knowledgeable as I can possibly be. I engage with the coaching community, learn from my peers and take classes to improve my skills and better both myself as a coach and my coaching practice.


I’ve extended that idea of community to my clients, facilitating the opportunity for them to support each other. I host a Carlini Coaching Discord server where clients can message each other, post goals, and request accountability for tasks. I host daily co-working calls over Zoom, five days a week, which enormously promotes consistency and forward momentum for the clients who attend.


I’d love the opportunity to discuss more with you. I offer a free 30-minute consultation session for new potential clients for us to get to know each other and see if working together would be a good fit. Please schedule some time by clicking the link below.

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